Between loving embrace and resolute casting out

This study deals with the self-acceptance and social acceptance of homosexuality among Surinamese Hindustani in the Netherlands. The authors study the processes related to acceptance on different levels. At the level of the cultural script they include focus on the place of homosexuality in the religions and scriptures and in the upbringing in Hindustani families. On individual level, the authors describe the experiences of 10 gay men and 8 lesbian women (including some bisexuals) with their self-acceptance, social acceptance, their sexual development and their partnerships. The description extensively reflects the interplay between social acceptance, self-acceptance and the individual outcomes in everyday life. Finally, the authors elaborate on the perceived and desired help and support from different parties, varying from the private circles of the respondents, various social organizations and (psychological) health care organizations.

Authors: Dr. A.C. Nanhoe, dr. J.J. Omlo

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