Future you

Ever wondered what it would take to write a book, travel the world, or start your own company? These would all be considered dreams for some, and daily activities for others.
Millennia are considered the next leaders of the world. But how do millennials become those leaders? What is necessary for this generation to find their roles and dreams in life?

Well …

Welcome to the wonderful ramblings of a millennial high on life. The goal of this book is to help you pursue your (to be decided) epic life goals. Hopefully this book can give you a leg up from others towards achieving the impossible and living an amazing life.

This book is organized into four parts: attitude, personality, vision, and realization. They dive into the most crucial aspects of living a purposeful life. The goal is to show you the right insights and experiences so you can get started.

Bestel hier

Cleverly clarifying. Before reading Future You, I was blissfully ignorant to the many tell-tale signs of being a millennial. The word seems to carry a negative connotation, young renegades defying their predecessors, yet Gerritsen manages to turn this around.       

Gerritsen advocates that it is important for millennials to understand how the world perceives them, to figure out their own strengths and weaknesses, and to combine these elements in order to achieve their seemingly impossible dreams. Being a millennial himself, he has successfully combined his own experiences and his research into a motivating and inspiring piece of work.

Considering the sin of instant gratification of which millennials are often accused, he suggests the book could be read per chapter, yet the logical structure and informal writing style will capture and hold the reader’s attention throughout. He has interspersed his research with personal anecdotes, from his own life and others, and tells a story that does not seem like a densely-versed scientific research paper, but rather leaves the reader feeling fully informed.

“This is not your typical ‘five steps to happiness’ book”, as he clarifies in the introduction, and indeed: It is about getting to know yourself and taking control of your actions.

In making millennials understand that they are not alone in their struggles and helping them get the tools to be able to handle stress, figuring out their goals and going about it in a productive way, Gerritsen has succeeded splendidly. From small tasks, like decluttering your room of the unessential to the more profound task of decluttering your life from the unimportant, he has provided us millennials with a guide to how to clear the path to our future.

Enjoyable and accessible, Future You can help millennials to comprehend, construct and control their futures. 

Sanne Steele Nicholson